Puzhehei's Scenic Beauty

Puzhehei, Yunnan, China

We will visit the Swan Lake, canoe from Pucaotang Pier to Qinglongshan Pier through limestone peaks and lively villages, hike to Qinglong Mountain, Kwan-Yin Cave, Torch Cave, followed by afternoon hike to Guanyin Cave Mountain for a sunset rural view.

In Puzhehei, you will enjoy some time at the Swan Lake before canoeing into Pucaotang Pier to sail through the winding water filled with picturesque limestone peaks and lively villages, before finally disembarking at Qinglongshan Pier.

Afterwards, we hike approximately 20 minutes to the top of Qinglong Mountain, which stands at 1,555 metres, for a panoramic view of the surrounding field unfolding before your eyes. We continue with a short visit to Kwan-Yin Cave and Torch Cave.

In the afternoon, we hike to Guanyin Cave Mountain to watch sunset over the surrounding countryside.

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