Off-the-Beaten Dong Villages

Danzhai, Guangxi & Around, China

Today, we will visit the following Dong villages: Yingtan, Zhanli and Huanggang. These villages had preserved most of its intangible living heritage.

One of the best known Dong villages, Yingtan preserves much of the ethnic group's unique customs, from ancient cloth-weaving to fabric-dyeing. It is said to be among the first places where the Dong ancestors first settled after migrating to Guizhou thousands of years ago.

Another unique ethnic village is Zhanli which accommodates 836 villages within 186 of its households, known for having effectively controlled their birth rates for hundreds of years.

Similarly, Huanggang has preserved most of its living customs which had lasted for thousands of years. Due to its relatively isolated road condition, it is among the most authentic Dong villages in Guizhou.

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