Luoping's Golden Fields

Luoping, Yunnan, China

Discover the otherworldly patterns of Luositian (Snail Fields), Jinjifeng (Golden Rooster Peak) and the ten-tiered Jiulong Waterfalls.

Carved out from a valley with gentle slopes, the Snail Fields of Luositian offers unique slope contours of rice terraces in corkscrew patterns which lend itself the shape of a snail's shell, hence the name.

We then continue to Jinjifeng or Golden Rooster Peak, the site of the famous spot to view the glorious rapeseed flowers which bloom around end of February to early May, though the scenic karst landscape of the around remains beautiful at other times of the year.

Finally, we walk upstream into Jiulong Waterfall which is made up of 10 different cascades, each forming a pool underneath.

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