Kanas Lake Geopark

Kanas Lake, China Silk Road, China

Located in a valley of the Altai mountains, it is one of China’s most postcard-worthy lakes. We will visit the iconic Moon Bay, Crouching Dragon Bay, Yaze Lake and Angel Bay.

Started around 200,000 years ago during the Quaternary period due to the glacier movement. Moon Bay is a crescent moon shaped lake, one of the scenic area of Kanas National Park. As the color of the Kanas Lake changes, the color of the water in Moon Bay would change.

The beauty of the clear blue lake travels to Crouching Dragon Bay, which are surrounded by attractive green mountains and dense forests. Perfect destination for summer resort as you can have a rest in the forest, or take a boat in the river, sightseeing and fishing on the bank.

In the Kanas Valley, a large population of ethnic Tuvans and Kazakhs are present. Also, have an opportunity to catch the 117 different species of birds living along the lake.

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