Enshi Grand Canyon

Enshi, Sichuan and Yangtze Cruises, China

We dedicate the entire day to explore the spectacular Enshi Grand Canyon, including Qixingzhai Scenic Spot, One Incense Pillar, Yunlong Ground Fissure. We have both easy and challenging hikes, as well as optional electric sightseeing vehicle or cable car.

Explore the soaring mountains, rugged canyons and cliffs of the magnificent Enshi Grand Canyon, a hidden gem of Hubei province. The total length of the canyon is 108 kilometres.

A notable feature of the place is the Yunlong Ground Fissure, which represents a very rare geological formation with two sides of its cliffs forming from two different periods of natural history! Another notable feature is the iconic One Incense Pillar standing at 150 metres tall despite it being only four meters wide, making it a remarkable natural phenomenon.

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