Donglianhua, Weishan & Weibao Mountain

Dali, Yunnan, China

Today, we make visit to two ancient villages of Donglianhua and Weishan before continuing into Weibao Mountain for a 40-minute hike to Changcun Cave.

Donglianhua is home to the Hui ethnic minority with its unique Islamic-styled architecture and folk customs, dating back to the early Ming dynasty. Founded by Muslim soldiers originating from Central Asia, the village usurped as a key village along the Ancient Tea Horse Road.

Afterwards, we continue into the foot of Ailao Mountain where we will visit the Weishan Ancient Town with its quaint brick-styled buildings and historic root as the birthplace of Nanzhao culture.

Finally, we conclude at Weibao Mountain, renowned as one of the 14 famous Taoist mountains in China with its grandiose monasteries embraced between tall trees. One of its highlight is the magnificent Changcun Cave, which existed during the Qing Dynasty circa 1662-1722.

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