Bird's Eye View of Yangshuo

Yangshuo, Guangxi & Around, China

For those who would like to see the magnificent beauty of Guilin from a bird's eye view, we can bring you to Xianggong Hill, Xingping's Laozhai Mountain, Wuzhi Hill or TV Tower (Ma Shan) to capture the glorious karst view.

Xianggong Hill offers a different view of the Li River and the towering karst mountains. Taking approximately 30 minutes to reach, it is especially stunning during the sunrise with morning clouds slowly drifting between the mountains.

Xingping's Laozhai Mountain can be reached through path of old stone steps, followed by a short ladder climb before you reach stone steps leading up to your viewing platform. It takes approximately 45 minutes depending on how fast you hike. The viewpoint is both good during sunrise or sunset.

Wuzhi Hill is the farthest to reach from Yangshuo and takes 20 minutes of hiking up stone stairs to the top. Facing towards the west, this viewpoint is best visited during the sunset.

The TV Tower viewpoint is actually from a radio tower station. It offers a unique display of the karst landscapes on one side, while the Yangshuo town can be seen from the other side. Taking approximately 1 hour to get to the top, this viewpoint is especially excellent during sunset when the golden ray stretches into the distance of thousands of karst mountains.

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