Road Trips

There is nothing quite like grabbing your car keys, winding the windows down and hitting the open road, especially on holiday. From coast to coast, across a mountain pass, along an iconic highway or over a border, the wonder of a road trip is that the end point is (almost) beside the point. Put your feet up and take a look at this selection of road-tested tours to put you back in the driving seat this summer.

Coastal Road Trips

From the legendary Highway 1 to the dramatic Great Ocean Road and the Causeway Coastal Route, we’ve collected the most spectacular drives to take you from A to B via some of the world’s most epic coastlines (and many a photo stop along the way). Not all roads were created equal after all.

Desert Road Trips

When we think of road trips, it is vast, open spaces, empty roads and dramatic scenery that spring to mind and nothing sates a sense for adventure quite like discovering the desert on four wheels. Carefully crafted to take you through some of the world’s most unique and unspoilt desert landscapes, this selection of itineraries makes for an adventure that leaves anything else in the dust.

Island Road Trips

Whilst some of the world’s islands might be small, they sure are mighty. These tried and tested routes circumnavigate the craggy coastlines, rolling hillsides and majestic peaks of islands across the world, showcasing the diverse and beguiling landscapes on offer in all four corners of the planet.

Family Road Trips

For better or for worse, a family road trip is often one of our first holiday memories. Yet long car journeys with children aren't all back seat squabbles and endless cries of "are we there yet?". Take a look at this selection of family friendly itineraries before fastening your seat belts for a game of I Spy you'll never forget.

Foodie Road Trips

Follow your nose - and of course a map - as you navigate around some of the world's most revered foodie destinations. From world class vineyards to Michelin starred restaurants and farm-to-table fare, we've shortlisted the itineraries where cuisine sits top of the menu.

Mountain Road Trips

Expect winding roads, vertiginous drop offs and incredible vistas as you venture to the higher ground for a road trip to remember. For lovers of the great outdoors, nothing comes close to reaching the dizzy heights of a majestic peak.

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