Tours in Central Asia

This is a region ripe for exploration and our itineraries have been lovingly curated to incorporate the former Silk Roads grand historic squares of Uzbekistan, the space-age architecture of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan as well as the gorgeous emerald green mountain scenery of Kyrgyzstan. The High Pamirs in Tajikistan are where the most important mountain chains of Central Asia all begin or met— the Himalayas, Tian Shan, Karakoram, Kunlun and the Hindu Kush — providing a stunning backdrop for adventurers who’s desire is to enjoy an itinerary combining hikes in the great landscapes with historical culture.

This is a region in flux and all the more fascinating for it, our itineraries show you how through Central Asia the Soviet influence is gradually being replaced and each country is curating their own distinctive path and cultural ethos. As the Silk Road weaves through most the Central Asian countries our tailormade itineraries would include visits to vital sections of what was the world’s richest trading route where jewels, foods and delicacies ebbed through the squares and mountain passes. There are so many different cultural and historical influences that make this part of the world so fascinating.

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