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We are really excited about 2019, it’s going to be all about the great outdoors. Slovenia is now recognised as the hidden gem of Europe with its breathtaking scenery and outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking and rafting. Astrotourism has been shooting up in popularity from sleeping under the stars to experience with world-renowned astronomers. For anyone looking for something extra special while on vacation, and who isn't? We offer a collection of after hours, exclusive access experiences that will impress even the most seasoned traveler.

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Scott Dunn’s bookings for astro-experiences has tripled over the last four years. We have itineraries for stargazing experiences across the globe including Jordan, Alberta, Portugal and Chile, that work with world-renowned astronomers using telescopes and observation platforms that scope the night sky. In Argentina, part of the region will be enveloped in total darkness on 02 July 2019, Estancia Los Potreros in Cordoba will be the best place to view the total eclipse.


Known as the hidden gem of Europe, Slovenia is a delight for both culture vultures and those who love the great outdoors. Boasting breathtaking scenery it rivals the Swiss Alps and Norwegian Fjords for sheer beauty and the amazing architecture of the capital, Ljubljana, secures its place as one of the most charming cities in Europe. The picturesque Lake Bled with its crystal-clear waters and fairytale surroundings will make Slovenia a major hotspot for keen photographers.

Transformative Travel

Experiential travel has been the buzzword for the last few years, but guests are now asking for more than this, they are looking for experiences that can transform them, the communities and landscapes they visit. It's no longer only about making memories, but also a global change. Our “Make A Difference” collection of experiences around the world help guests give back and gain a broader understanding of the cultures and communities they are visiting. Another firm favorite is 'ME to WE', this immersive voluntourism program found in Rajasthan, Kenya and Ecuador offers the unique opportunity to volunteer on a development project, like building a school or health care centers. This is travel with a purpose and something adults and children alike will love.


With its rich biodiversity in the Volcanoes National Park and the Nyungwe Forest as well as the charming local people, Rwanda is on the top of our wish list. This popularity is only going to rise due to the increase in luxurious high-end property openings with a huge focus on conservation. This year we will see the opening of Magashi Camp by Wilderness, One & Only’s Nyungwe House and Singita’s Kwitonda Lodge.

Out-of-Hours Experiences

As travelers continue to seek out the most unique, one-of-a-kind vacation experiences, our collections of incredible, out-of-hours encounters and exclusive access to some of the world's most sought-after sites and museums ensures that you'll have an experience (and swoon-worthy Instagram post) unlike any other. These include sunrise picnics at Christ the Redeemer, exploring the Vatican before the crowds, private Michelin-starred dinners at Versailles, access to Bangkok's Reclining Buddha once it's closed to the general public, and many more. It's time to make 2019 a year to brag about.


Chile has just announced three new scenic trekking routes through its Patagonia wilderness covering 2,800km from Puerto Montt down to Cape Horn. The trails include the Southern Way, the Patagonian channels and the End of the World Route. For anyone active looking for something truly exhilarating and off-the-beaten track this should be top of your 2019 wish list. It’s also worth noting that in October 2018, British Airways increased the number of flights to Santiago from four per week to five.

Multi-destination vacations

With the development of better flight routes and the rise of cities becoming destinations in themselves rather than hubs to get elsewhere, 2019 is the year of multi-destination vacations. It's becoming less about where you lay your head at night and more about what you're experiencing. People are packing as many activities and destinations as possible into one bucket list trip. Popular combinations include Cape Town, the Skeleton Coast, and the Okavango Delta with the Victoria Falls, Alpine Skiing with Scandinavia and using Iceland as a long layover en-route to London. People are wanting to get the most out of their vacation, making this a trend that's only going to continue to grow in the coming year.


Scotland lures in travelers with its immense charm, culture and history. Whether you're a multi-generational family looking to explore Europe's last wilderness of the Highlands or are a golf-loving couple with an appreciation for whisky, Scotland is a small country that packs a big punch. It's on the radar for 2019 due to a host of new hotel refurbishments including an incredible revamp of the historic Fife Arms. And with many families in the United States having ties to Scotland, the country also offers the exceptional opportunity to trace ancestral roots. As DNA testing becomes more and more popular, Scotland is seeing an uptick in heritage travel, which will only continue to increase in the coming year.

The Quality Time Break

As spending time with the family continues to be a precious commodity, quality time breaks are exhilarating and activity-focused vacations to create bonding moments, where both the adults and children are having as much fun as each other. While multi-generational trips continue to be popular, especially to Scotland, Ireland and Iceland, now more than ever, parents and grandparents are selecting a child from their family to have a one-on-one adventure with. For Parents and children we recommend hiking an historic section of the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, while Japan is perfect for grandparents wanting to take their graduating grandchildren to experience the Anime culture.


The world’s fastest-growing travel locale, home of the 2020 Summer Olympics and both Travel + Leisure and Virtuoso's top destination of 2018, Japan is poised to only grow in popularity. We loved it last year, and we still love it this year. It's a country that has a little something for everyone from the buzzing energy and bright lights of Tokyo to the tranquility and age-old traditions in Kyoto. Travelers may be drawn in by Mount Fuji and cherry blossoms, but it's the country's wealth of temples, gardens, museums, food, shopping culture, and the people that keep them returning again and again.

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