Walking with the Hadza

Lake Eyasi, Northern Tanzania

The Hadza is a traditional hunter-gatherer tribe, one of the last of such tribes in Tanzania. A day spent walking with them, foraging for food and hearing their stories is both fascinating and humbling.

During your stay at Mwiba Lodge you're afforded the unique opportunity to spend time with the Hadza, or Hadazbe tribe, one of Africa's most ancient tribes and numbering less than 1000 people these days. Their simple lifestyle is free of possessions, nomadically roaming around and living off the land, finding roots to eat and hunting small mammals and birds. Modern developments are threatening their traditional way of living, and this is a rare opportunity to see this tribe and their way of life which may not exist like this in years or decades to come.

You'll spend a day with a guide from Mwiba Lodge, walking on the Lake Eyasi escarpment in search of the Hadza hunters. Spend time walking with them, watching as they forage for food and interact with the honey-guide bird which leads them to bee hives, a real treat for both the Hadza and the birds! During the heat of the day, you'll retreat to the shade of a tree and witness their story-telling time, watching as they make new bows and arrows and offering you the chance to ask questions and find out more about their way of life.

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