Why we love the Caribbean in Summer

We love the Caribbean… and what’s not to love? Whatever floats your yacht, from the vibrancy of Jamaica to the 365 stunning beaches on Antigua, the sophistication of exclusive Turks and Caicos or the glamour of Barbados, the coconut never falls far from the tree and you’ll experience wonderful Caribbean charm that will mean you just won’t want to leave. 

What you may not know is that travelling to the Caribbean out of season (May to November), is a great time of year to go. Here’s 10 reasons why…

1. Travel to the Caribbean after Easter and you’ll find most hotels drop their rates and have some fantastic offers to take advantage of, meaning incredible value for money.

2. The islands are less busy, creating a more intimate and secluded experience and a great choice of sunbathing spots!

3. The weather is still balmy with the temperature normally just a few degrees higher than in the peak season between January to March.

4. The islands look more green and lush towards the end of the summer with a little more rain falling in the afternoons, these showers never last too long and can be a refreshing break from the heat and sunshine.

5. The Caribbean is a great alternative to Europe in the summer, which can often be busy and prices at their highest. If you’re travelling as a couple, it’s a great time to see the Caribbean without too many children running around.

6. You have a better choice of room (we can recommend the best rooms) and upgrades can be expected.

7. The summer is full of festivals; from a Literacy Festival in Anguilla to a Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica and even a Conch Festival in the Turks and Caicos.

8. Childcare at hotels and resorts will have even better child-to-nanny ratios, meaning little ones get that little bit more attention and far more toys to play with!

9. Restaurant choices are greater and are rarely fully booked. Our favourite recommendations are Daphne’s in Barbados (sister restaurant to Daphne’s in South Kensington), Rhodes Restaurant found at the Calabash hotel in Grenada and Boucan Restaurant Saint Lucia by Hotel Chocolat.

10. With less people in the Caribbean over the low-season, the atmosphere is very relaxed and a more authentic experience can therefore be found.

In this video, our Consultants give their top tips on travelling to the Caribbean…

Scott Dunn guests looking to get away before December 2015 can benefit from Upgrade to the Caribbean; a variety of upgrades we have secured from some of our favourite luxury hotels and our Preferred Partner, British Airways. Find out more on our website or call one of our Consultants on 020 8682 5055.


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