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Why the new visa process for India is a game changer…

Things are changing in India, and fast. The Government has announced that UK Citizens can now apply online for an e-tourist visa rather than having to go through the well-known rigmarole of the old cumbersome visa system. When it was announced, the whole India team at Scott Dunn leapt up in unison at the news; it could almost be mistaken for a scene from a Bollywood film in the delight on their faces. We know that our guests have found the old system brings on varying degrees of panic, confusion and bewilderment, and we know this solution is what we have all been hoping for. Thank you Prime Minister Modi!

Just imagine how much easier this all is now, you can do everything from home, completing a simpler online form and without any need to send off your passport for weeks, or queue up in some grotty office in London before you can jet off to the tropical climes of the subcontinent, not to mention the old troublesome online application form that always seemed to crash. Not only that, for UK citizens the visa fee drops from £80 per person (and more if you used a visa service to help you through the system) to just $60 per person, you just pay online. It is designed for guests like you, who spend up to 30 days in India who just want to explore this magical country without the need to jump through all the hoops just to get on the plane. You just print out the visa which is sent directly to your email and away you go. The only technical part of the new system is uploading a passport photo, but we can help you with that. If you fancy a last minute jaunt to India, you can apply up to four days before you travel. Needless to say, if you want to travel over 30 days, or want a multiple entry visa you can still apply through the old system, as well as if you’re visiting protected areas like Sikkim or Nagaland. You can enter India through most of the major airports (Bangalore, Chennai (Madras), Cochin, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Calcutta, Mumbai and Trivandrum). What fantastic news for travel to India. We can arrange an array of customized luxury vacations to India so do have a look at our suggested itineraries or call us to speak to one of our India specialists.

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