Nihiwatu: Indonesia’s Best Kept Secret

Nestled on the remote island of Sumba, Nihiwatu is a barefoot paradise with an eco-conscience. Travel expert Amy shares her experience of untouched island life unequivocally off the beaten track.

From the moment I stepped foot on Sumba, I was immediately swept away by the leisurely pace of island life. This Indonesian gem with its charming rural villages, native Sumban horses and pristine white sands cast me under its spell, leaving me lost for words as I entered the magical world of Nihiwatu.

Upon your arrival, be sure to book any activities you would like to do to make the most of all Nihiwatu has to offer. As one of the best surf spots in the world, I would thoroughly recommend braving the crashing waves and taking to the water during your stay. The instructors are great teachers for all abilities, having surfed in countless competitions all over the world. Whilst you might spend more time in the water than effortlessly riding the waves, the euphoric feeling when you finally stand up is well worth every failed attempt!

One of my personal highlights came unexpectedly on the amazing Nihi Oka Spa Safari. Upon arriving at the secluded Nihi Oka following a trek through the rice paddies, I was offered a coconut water by my guide who nimbly climbed the nearest tree to bring me a fresh coconut to drink from. As for the Spa Safari, I simply couldn’t recommend just one treatment, and fortunately don’t have to, as they are all included on the experience!

A large part of Nihiwatu’s ethos is an appreciation of its surroundings. There are protected areas reserved for turtle hatching, and in season guests can help guide baby turtles into the ocean. Sumba Island is still very underdeveloped, and Nihiwatu works closely with the Sumba Foundation to educate local people in basic healthcare. Their work has been instrumental in reducing serious illnesses on the island and cases of Malaria have fallen by 85% in recent years. Nihiwatu offers guests the opportunity to experience the amazing work being done on the island with a range of volunteering activities.

These are just a couple of the amazing activities on offer at Nihiwatu to give you a taster of what’s in store at the rugged barefoot haven- the rest is for you to experience when you go!

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