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Meet The Ant Collection’s Upbeat Bush Guide

Work fills up a large part of our lives, so why not do something that gets you excited to wake up every morning? This is the motto that the Waterberg-based Ant’s Nest & Ant’s Hills Bush Homes swear by.  Through interviewing their team members, we’ve come to reckon that they’ve got something good hidden in that adage of theirs.

Meet Jacques Vorster – Bush guide at Ant’s Nest & HillsJack

Q: What should we call you?

According to all I have met my name is: Joke, Jack, Jackie, Jaquas, Jaco, Jakus, Jock, Jaak and Jack of all trades

My birth certificate says my name is: Jacques Vorster.

Q: Tell us a little more about yourself:

Age: 24 years old
From: Small town called Ermelo
Time at Ants: 3 years, or so.

Q: What did you do before coming to Ant’s Hill:

Before Ants I was managing a Spur Steak ranch (Restaurant) to pay for my studies. I studied Advanced Guiding and Lodge Management at Damlin College for two years and also spent some time in the bush doing my FGASA and Field Guide training.

Q: What is your favorite part of the job?

I like the traffic jams in the morning on my way to work… (*Chuckles)

Mostly I like the excitement of what is happening today.  I never get bored as every day is a new adventure, meeting new people hearing their stories, new challenges, being chased by animals on occasion. Really it’s just being out here and doing what I love.

Q: What is your funniest moment on the job?

Late afternoon Ant and I were on our way back to the lodge on his motorbike when we got a flat wheel. The sun was  starting to set and Ant pointed out a buffalo track he saw in the sand and said “I think the buffalos are …”

When I looked up the Buffalo bull was quickly on his way towards us, I leapt into a tree as fast as I could and looked around to see where Ant was. As big as he is, he chose the first, but smallest tree he could find and only managed to get about 1m off the ground before the buffalo was there. With the small tree swaying side to side, Ant roared at the buffalo, “go away” “go away”.  The Buffalo must have understood and quickly disappeared into the bush.

Q: Any advice for future guides?

To have a passion for the bush, learn from other guides and never say “no” to any opportunity that comes your way. We do this because we love this, no other reason!

The Ant Collection team members’ are the glue between the lodges and guests.  They create an atmospheric environment that is wild about wildlife and have a special love for the riding safaris!


Ant’s Hill is a six-bedroom lodge perched on the edge of a cliff with amazing views over the malaria-free Waterberg Reserve. The lodge has a very East African feel and prides itself on its flexible approach to activities and mealtimes.

Ant’s Nest, the sister lodge to Ant’s Hill, is the original homestead in the beautiful Waterberg Mountains, offering relaxed and exciting riding safaris in this spectacular area.

Find out more here or give one of our Africa Consultants a call on 020 8682 5070.

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