Fans of Attenborough’s Frozen Planet, read this…

For anyone who is a fan of David’s Attenborough’s new series Frozen Planet, a trip to Perito Moreno Glacier should be on your travel wish list.

Maudie from your Latin team recently revisited Patagonia where she was once again captivated by the sheer scale of Los Glaciares National Park. Here she shares her experiences.

The Esplendor boutique hotel in downtown El Calafate provides the perfect base from which to explore the wonders of Los Glaciares National Park. Home to the magnificent Perito Moreno Glacier, at 5 kms wide, 30 kms long and 60 meters high, it’s a giant wall of ice, slicing its way through the Andes mountain range.

As is the subject of much of Attenborough’s commentary, many of the world’s glaciers are retreating but Perito Moreno is a rare gem, it is actually growing by 2 meters a day.

The sheer weight of gravity pulls the glacier and its load down into the turquoise blue Lago Argentino, where unsupported by the rocks beneath, massive ice chunks as big as apartment blocks crash into the water!

The sound of the glacier cracking is like multiple gunshots and when it breaks, like a mini-explosion. Take an hour long boat trip to the south wall to get a view on the sheer scale of the thing and then drive round to the high-up balcony viewing platforms, where you can see the marshmallow like top of the glacier stretched out from the cloudy mountaintops down into the lake.

As strange as it may seem, you can happily spend the entire day watching it (with a hot chocolate in hand), getting cheered on by spectators waiting for a giant blue iceberg to crash into the water and float away. You just have to see it for yourself!

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