Andrew Dunn on Daios Cove

Founder of Scott Dunn, Andrew Dunn, recently treated his daughter to a well-deserved holiday. In this short blog, Andrew writes about where his daughter chose to go and why they both love the destination so much…

When I asked Polly where she would like to go to celebrate the end of her GCSEs, as I had done with Ella, she didn’t hesitate in saying Daios Cove.  High praise indeed given that we are in the enormously privileged position in being able to go just about anywhere in the world.  It was doubly extraordinary as, apart from skiing holidays, we rarely go back to the same place twice.  What Polly wanted to was chill and Daios Cove provided that in bucket loads.

If you can take a villa then that is the best option as having two bedrooms is a Godsend and they are kitted out very well – you also get to have breakfast at the Ocean restaurant which is lovely.  The pool that we had is not enormous but ideal for cooling down – that said we spent most of our time on the beach which has grown in size since we were last there.  I’d also recommend a trip to Spinalonga which was still a leper colony until 1957!  Ideally go by boat from the bay as it is a lovely way to get there and back.

So why Daios – apart from our excellent Scott Dunn Explorers kids club it has to be the fantastic bay, great accommodation, wonderful Greek hospitality and good choice of eating outlets  – as Scott Dunn guests you can also eat in your villa or room if you so wish.

For more information on Daios Cove, give one of our Mediterranean Consultants a call on 0203 603 3555 or visit our website

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