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An evening with Amit…

We’re really excited to be hosting Amit Sankhala at our office in California in January for a special evening to inspire and inform our guests. Amit is highly regarded within India’s tiger community for his passion and knowledge in ecotourism. His grandfather was known as “The Tiger Man of India” for his pioneering of tiger conservation, and his father led the way for local sustainable tourism. Today, Amit continues the mission of his family’s conservation: he’s an active trustee of Tiger Trust and has three luxurious lodges in India, including our favorite wilderness camp, Jamtara.

We asked Amit for some insight into his passion for India…

I have spent my life exploring wildlife and remote cultural experiences around the world. Worked with the best photographers to capture magical moments that happen once in a lifetime. Even though there are so many fascinating experiences around the world, I always come back to my native country for the most magical of all – a place where diversity within my own culture continues to fascinate me every day. A place where seeing tigers, snow leopards, bears, wild dogs, leopards and red pandas runs adrenaline through my body every time I see them. My legacy is in wildlife conservation, where my grandfather was the first director of Project Tiger which established the tiger reserves of our country. I want to take you on a journey, a journey where I can plug you as a well-traveled guest and show you one-of-a-kind travel opportunities where worth is not measured in amenities.

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