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A cup of tea with Fiona Faulkner

To celebrate the launch of our new-look children’s clubs, Scott Dunn Explorers, we’ve teamed up with children’s food expert Fiona Faulkner, author of the acclaimed 25 Foods Kids Hate and How to Get Them Eating 24.

Fiona has created an inspirational globe-trotting new menu for your hungry little explorers available at our four Scott Dunn Explorers locations across the Mediterranean this summer.

We asked Fiona to tell us a little more about herself and our exciting new project.

Hi there

I’m so thrilled to be working alongside Scott Dunn. This project combines two of my greatest passions: fantastic food and inspiring (family-friendly) travel – proving that those itchy feet can still stretch out, even after we become parents!

Ever since I was first dubbed the ‘Harry Potter of Vegetables’, people have wanted to know my secret for getting kids to eat their 5 a day. It all started at my own kitchen table, with my son who was a determined fussy eater. I had to get clever with mealtimes, and fast.

The dramatic turnaround in him spurred me on to create Toddler Chef; my kids’ cookery workshops which have now converted hundreds of children to fall in love with a healthier way of eating.

So now I’m sharing my favorite recipes with Scott Dunn, along with a few new ideas and fun twists. I hope your children will enjoy eating them, as much as I’ve loved creating them.

Take a sneak peek at the new menu here.

Happy Travels!


Tell us about…

…your dream family vacation

A Scott Dunn villa with nanny perfectly primed at 7am so I can have that golden nugget: a lie-in – plus a chef so that I can have a week off from cooking (I love it yes, but every now and again I tire of my hair smelling like carrot soup).

…the one food item you always travel with

A banana. Perfect if the children wake up too early for breakfast – or if I need a guilt-free sugar hit (it even comes in its own packaging). And, if I’m organized enough to remember – my own tea bags too.

Fiona Faulkner and her formerly fussy-eating children

… your most memorable meal whilst on vacation

Not quite on vacation, but Raymond Blanc paid me in food for agreeing to do a talk at his Children’s Food Festival. It was every bit as incredible as I thought it would be. I also think that you can’t beat eating freshly picked tropical fruit in the tropics.

… your top tips for feeding your children abroad

I think a great tip is to discuss the country you’re going to ahead of time and find recipes from particular cultures that you can road-test at home, before leaving (especially if you’re visiting somewhere like India, known for its spicy food).

… your favorite guilty pleasure recipe

Anything involving copious amounts of cheese. To be honest, simple cheese on toast is up there – especially as I love toast too. I think in these carbs-are-the-enemy times, toast is in fact now officially a guilty pleasure?

… your favorite ingredient

For me: black pepper. I use it all the time. For my children: Oats. Porridge oats are still an incredible breakfast for kids – you can even add them to smoothies too. I’ve just developed an oats and banana muffin for our new Scott Dunn menu.

… your favorite style of cuisine

Bearing in mind my favorite food is actually ‘picnic’ style then I would have to say French food – for warm-from-the-oven bread, some of the world’s best cheeses (we’re back on cheese again…), a few add-ons from the garden (tomatoes, basil etc) and a bottle of wine. Just perfect!

… your favorite UK restaurant

As a freelance food reviewer, I’m very fortunate to have eaten at some of the very best. Le Manoir still remains my most memorable meal. In close second place was a meal I had in 2010 at Lucknam Park near Bath.

… your hero recipe

My spinach and lime pesto. Quick and easy. Everyone asks for the recipe…

…Famous Mums you’ve worked with

So far (of those I can name check!) – Alice Temperley and Donna Air (with Sarah Beeny booked). For a sheer fantasy-best-friend moment, I’d like to work with Michelle Obama and her children. However, I also really enjoy working with ordinary mums, those who are stuck in a foodie rut or saddled with a fussy eater, looking to inspire their little ones to eat differently.

For more information about Fiona visit

You can also follow Fiona on twitter @Faulkner_Faulkner

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