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Jamaica is the third largest island in the West Indies, and is home to the Blue Mountain Peak. Blooming with tropical vegetation, a vibrant street scene and fabulous food, Jamaica also has brilliant beaches across its coastlines. On top of this, the vibrant Jamaican culture will mean there is always lively music playing.

Jamaica is crossed by a range of mountains reaching 2256m at the Blue Mountain Peak in the east, and descending towards the west with a series of spurs and forested gullies running north and south. Its luxuriant tropical and subtropical vegetation is probably unsurpassed anywhere in the Caribbean. As well as enjoying fabulous beaches (most of the best beaches can be found on the north and west coasts), it is worth visiting Jamaica just for its unique and vibrant food and music. Jamaican cuisine is a fusion of different cultures, to be enjoyed to the sounds of the distinctive and eclectic music playing everywhere, reflecting the relaxed lifestyle of the country. Scott Dunn’s highlights for Jamaica:
  • Try the local Jamaican beer, Red Stripe, whilst on one of Jamaica’s brilliant beaches as reggae plays out in the background. This is relaxing in true Jamaican style.
  • Explore the Blue Mountains by mountain bike ride and take in the scenic views of mountain waterfalls, thick jungle, and famous coffee plantations.
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