Remote Quba & Khinalug

Baku, Azerbaijan

Today's full day journey bring you into Northern Azerbaijan, visiting Beshbarmag Dag, Quba's Djuma Mosque, Genocide Memorial Complex and the often-overlooked Khinalug mountain village with its traditional customs before arriving at Baku at night.

Situated on the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, the Northern frontier of Azerbaijan is home to some of the country's most picturesque and well-preserved attractions.

Starting in the early morning, we journey through charming road with apple plantations dotting the roadside into your first photo stop at Beshbarmag Dag or the Five Fingers Mountain. Find out the mythical legends associated with this pilgrimage mountain before you hop back on your vehicle to Quba.

Also known as the Red Town and serving as a settlement of Caucasian Jews, Quba is strewn with places of worships, such as the Djuma Mosque which is one of the region's largest Islamic temples. We also make a visit to the Genocide Memorial Complex to learn about the heart-wrenching stories of those who fell victims during the 1918 March Days massacres.

Finally, we make our way to the quaint settlement of Khinalug, beautifully nestled on a mountain over 2,300 metres above sea level. Take a stroll along the street and observe the residents who practiced their own customs, traditions and languages separated from the rest of Azerbaijan here.

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