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We've put together a list of practical information to help you get to know Australia.


Not as common as it is in Europe and America, nor is a service charge added to the bill in restaurants. 10 per cent for food and drink waiters is usual in top-quality restaurants, but is optional elsewhere. With taxis it is usual not to tip but round up the cost to the next dollar.


If you’re heading up to the tropical North, be aware that between November and March it’s stinger season around the coasts so avoid swimming or wear a stinger suit. It’s less of a problem at the islands, but still seek advice before swimming.




Australia spans three time zones:
Northeast/southeast: GMT + 9 (GMT + 11 October to March, except Queensland)
Central: GMT + 9.5 (GMT + 11.5 October to March, except Northern Territory)
West: GMT + 8


Australian Dollar


European, Japanese & US systems


We strongly advise you consult your doctor for the most up to date advice on the best health precautions at least one month prior to travel. is also a helpful resource for obtaining up to date health information on your chosen destination.


110V Australian style plug

Visa requirements

Please note that you will require a visa for entry into Australia and this can be applied for online at


For some activities such as scuba diving or horse riding, specialist insurance may be required. Check our travel insurance section for more information on finding the right policy for you.

For more information, please get in touch with our contact our Australia travel specialists.

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