Tours in Armenia

Armenia is one of the world’s oldest inhabited countries and is the first nation to adopt Christianity as an official religion. Therefore, our itineraries ensure that you delve into the past and explore the plethora of historically significant monuments, churches and monasteries dating back to 782 BC that are peppered around the country.

Armenia’s undulating scenery and vast empty expanses is also a big draw for those who visit, the country offers charming landscapes with cavernous gorges, verdant valleys, crystal clear lakes, such as Lake Sevan and one of the tallest mountain Mount Ararat. Our experts will craft an itinerary to suit every ability and really ensure that no matter how active you are you will still experience the ultimate highlights. Yerevan, the largest city and the capital city of Armenia is one of the world's oldest cities, being established years before the founding of ancient Rome.​ As you can imagine, there are many great historical sites here in Yerevan so definitely worth spending a few days navigating the city and unlocking the stories dating back millennia.

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