Best Time to Visit Armenia

Summer months in Armenia between June to August are excellent for hiking along the Caucasus mountains, whilst the cooler months of September and October are great for those looking to escape the heat. Those visiting in April and May can enjoy a lush green landscape, although are likely to experience some rainfall.

Climate guide for Armenia

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Dzoraget -4°C 276mm -2°C 226mm 1°C 323mm 6°C 312mm 14°C 295mm 19°C 524mm 21°C 323mm 21°C 35mm 14°C 277mm 12°C 101mm 1°C 122mm 0°C 134mm
Goris 0°C 338mm 1°C 181mm 3°C 787mm 7°C 670mm 14°C 641mm 19°C 345mm 20°C 132mm 19°C 106mm 14°C 360mm 11°C 182mm 2°C 6mm 1°C 460mm
Yerevan 0°C 7mm 3°C 45mm 6°C 28mm 12°C 43mm 20°C 130mm 26°C 21mm 28°C 1mm 28°C 3mm 20°C 114mm 16°C 3mm 4°C 21mm 3°C 12mm
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