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Our North America specialists

Our team of North America specialists have a long standing love of the continent. Having travelled the length and breadth of the United States and Canada, our experts are well equipped to craft the perfect itinerary for you and your loved ones. So whether it's a road trip through California or a ranch holiday in the Rockies, our team have first hand experience of our properties and destinations, ensuring you get the best advice on where to go and when.

Anna Bleasdale

I've had a passion for Canada for well over a decade now, ever since I went to the Rocky Mountains for the first time. I've been lucky enough to travel to most parts now, my favourites being the beautiful Muskoka Lakes in Ontario and the west coast of Vancouver Island. Nimmo Bay is one of the most special and tranquil places I've ever been to. The USA's diversity draws me back again and again. It's easy to understand why the Americans travel so much within their own country, they have everything from fascinating cities to breathtaking deserts and canyons through to wild, beautiful mountain ranges.

Bryony Butler

I’ve always had a love for North America. Since I was a child, many happy holidays were spent alligator spotting in the everglades, chasing Mini Mouse for her autograph at Disney World and enjoying hot apple cider after a day’s skiing in the mountains of Boston. Before university I lived and worked in Vermont for 3 months at a large equestrian complex. I then moved on to work as Cabin Crew for two years during which I travelled extensively throughout the USA. My favourite North American cities are undoubtedly San Francisco and Las Vegas. From tucking into a delicious clam chowder in San Fran to soaking up the glitz and glamour of Vegas, the US is as diverse as it is intoxicating and I am always itching to return.

Charlotte Smith

I absolutely adore travelling and after 4 years in Scott Dunn’s ski team I have turned my love to across the pond in the Americas team. Every time I have visited the States and Canada I have been overwhelmed by the attention to detail and high level of service in the luxury hotels over there. One of my favourite destinations is California as it seems to have it all from fun parks for the families and the best restaurants in the country for adults. For nature lovers, I would recommend Jackson Hole and Yellowstone for the abundance of wildlife to be seen on various safaris.

Claire Acker

Traveling the world is in my DNA. When I was younger, I would wander off from my family to follow the sound of exotic music or foreign language in the street. Latin America is like a second home to me, I like the energy of the people, the mix of cultures and the uncountable natural wonder. Trekking through the Lencois Maranhenses National Park in the Northern part of Brazil is probably one of my most memorable travel experience.

Greg Salmon

My passion for travel was borne from a trip to Canada during my teens. Visiting family over there catalysed a love for adventure which has since taken me to many far flung destinations. However, thanks to its incredible diversity, I have continued to return to North America time and time again. In one trip you can hike a mountain, drive across a desert, soak up the buzz of a cosmopolitan city and explore a national park, without having to travel huge distances to do so. From the beaches of Hawaii to the sweeping vistas of the Grand Canyon, North America has it all.

Lucie Polwin

I first visited North America on a family road trip around New England, taking in Boston, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. Since, I have enjoyed exploring much more of the USA and Canada with my favourite visits including California, Texas, Arizona, Las Vegas, Utah, Western Canada, Florida, Louisiana, New York and Virginia.

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