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Joey Klockare

San Diego Office

My love for travel began 25 years ago when I took a multi-generational trip to Greece with my parents and grandparents. As a girl from the Midwest, I was in awe of the architecture, the culture and beauty of this ancient land. It inspired many more adventures in the years that followed; countless trips throughout Europe, living in Avignon, France, taking a master’s degree in Australia.

For almost a decade I worked for a leading international educational travel company which sent high school and university students all over the world. 

I am very happy to join Scott Dunn, because I truly believe that travel is the best education at every age. The journey to self-discovery, finding your next passion, or meeting your next friend for life may very well begin with a moonlight swim in the Adriatic Sea and I want to help as many people as possible continue their own journeys through travel.

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Travel nuggets

  • Use your Audible credits for travel books prior to your trip. It is a fantastic way to use your time during a morning commute and you will learn so much from your favorite travel authors before departing.

  • If you are in the Czech Republic, head to the Bohemian Paradise. This is a truly fabulous natural wonderland only an hour from Prague. There are breathtaking hiking trails, picturesque villages and phenomenal breweries that do tank tastings.

  • If you are ice hiking Franz Joseph or Fox Glaciers in New Zealand, be sure to dress in layers and start early in the day. Temperatures can really vary, and sunny and shady spots make a huge difference.

  • When traveling with children, create a scavenger hunt in their travel journal based on their age. When our family travel, we pretend we are on the Amazing Race and give the kids tasks at different locations. It's fun and keeps them engaged.

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