Our Indian subcontinent specialists

Meet our Indian subcontinent specialists. They share a passion for the subcontinent and love creating wonderful tailor-made itineraries that really get under the skin of these fascinating destinations. So whether you want to trek the Himalayas, explore Rajasthan, spot leopards or visit tea country in Sri Lanka, our travel experts use their first hand experience to craft something amazing entirely around you.

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Amy Ropner

There are few places as diverse as the Indian subcontinent, from the dusty deserts in India to monstrous mountains in Nepal and Bhutan and don’t forget the myriad of cities and towns that each have their own colourful heritage. I fell head over heels when I went to India for the first time, it really is a shock to the senses in the best way possible; the heat is hotter, the colours are brighter and the scenery even more dramatic, it really is intoxicating. These countries truly are only as special as the people that live there and that is always a huge focus of my trips, meeting the locals and hearing each one’s raison d’etre which all adds to the magic.

Emilie Mounier

Born in France, I caught the travel bug early on when my parents relocated to the Middle-East and then to Africa during my teenage years. That’s where it all started - among century old ruins, spice souks and wildlife safaris in tropical forests. After a 6-month backpacking trip over South America and South East Asia in my twenties, and later relocating to Asia I understood that I could feel at home just about anywhere on the planet!

Emma Mark

My first trip to India over 10 years ago really instilled in me a deep passion for the sub-continent which continues to draw me back time and time again. It’s my love of India that led me into the travel industry in 2009. I have a real passion for seeking out small, boutique properties and also sampling the local cuisine wherever I go, and there is simply no better place to do both than on the Indian subcontinent.

Jess Campbell

I lived in Mumbai in 2012 and have been back to India twice a year ever since. There is something about the country that gets under your skin. Being so extraordinarily large means that there is no terrain or climate you cannot experience. I have been skiing in Kashmir, riding in Maharashtra, trekking in the Himalayas, seen the deserts in Gujarat and enjoyed the beaches of the South. I love the sights and sounds of India, there is so much to learn and explore, I can’t imagine I will ever tire of it. Since joining Scott Dunn, I have also had the chance to visit Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Bhutan, and Nepal.

Julie Geyton

My favourite area is Rajasthan due to the amazing colour, incredible forts and palaces and truly amazing hotels there. India's wildlife is amazing and there are numerous national parks where you may glimpse tigers, leopards and sloth bears as well as incredible birds and other wildlife. India is a huge country and at Scott Dunn I have had the opportunity to explore Southern India as well as Northern India . This is what makes India so amazing, the varying food and culture and boundless opportunities as diverse as walking in the Himalayas to taking a houseboat through the backwaters in Kerala. India has everything for families, couples, trekkers, wildlife enthusiasts and photographers and at Scott Dunn I am surrounded by people who share this love of India.

Rikki Poynton

For me, the Indian Subcontinent is one of the most varied and fascinating places I have been lucky enough to travel. From my backpacking days around the south, to my recent (and slightly more comfortable!) work familiarisation trip around Rajasthan, every time I visit this area I am blown away by the beauty, variety and colour in this part of the world. My highlights have to include Udaipur in Rajasthan, northern India. The city itself is beautiful, set around a series of lakes and surrounded by the Aravalli mountains. For me, the real magic of Rajasthan is found in the rural areas outside the cities. For the ultimate indulgence, a trip to India or Sri Lanka is easily enhanced with a few days or more in the Maldives!

Shyh Jie Chong

I first caught the travel bug during my university days. I have since visited over 50 countries across 6 continents. I enjoy combining my trips with attending major sporting events; from FIFA World Cups at Brazil and Russia to Major League Baseball in USA, I absolutely love the atmosphere at these events.

Sri Lanka

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