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Haile Brant

San Diego Office

I was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime my junior year in university to study abroad for a semester in Vienna, Austria. Living in Austria is truly when I was bit by the travel bug.

Once I realized that almost every European city that I had dreamt of visiting since I was a child was within 3 hours of me, I made it my mission to visit as many places as I possibly could for the 8 months that I’d be there. My adventure ended up taking me to 12 countries and over 25 cities, and the moment it was over all I could find myself thinking about is where next and when.

Learning is one of my favorite activities, and I have found that traveling is the best, all inclusive learning trip that one can take as you learn culture, language, food, geography, all in a hands-on and experiential way. Topping my bucket list for future journeys: Costa Rica, Japan and South Korea!

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Travel nuggets

  • When traveling, keep in mind that if your suitcase is getting too full, the post office is always an option. However, it is rare that they will speak English so come prepared with Google Translate!

  • If you are traveling to Lisbon, Portugal and wanting to take a day trip to Sintra, try to avoid going on Monday! All of the museums in Lisbon are closed on Monday so everyone in the city is heading there all at once and it is doubly busy!

  • Try to get a SIM card either before or right when you arrive to your destination country. This way you don’t have to worry about finding Wifi 24/7 and can rely on data from your temporary plan.

  • Though it might feel like overpacking in the moment, try your best to pack items for rain and wind. You would rather have a jacket for unexpected rain than having to scramble around in the moment finding one or escaping the surprise weather.

  • When choosing times to travel, if possible try to check for any local vacations that might interfere with stores, restaurants and monuments being open for business!

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