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Meet our Far East specialists

Our Far East specialists here at Scott Dunn have an incredible wealth of knowledge and passion for this vast, diverse and fascinating part of the world. Having each traveled extensively throughout the region, from China, Japan and Burma to the remote corners of Indonesia’s spice islands and everywhere in between, they have immersed themselves in unique cultures, encountered spectacular wildlife and discovered the truly unique experiences the Orient has to offer. The Far East team pride themselves on creating unique and unforgettable adventures amongst the colorful landscapes and exotic cultures of Asia, along with supremely relaxing beach escapes at some of the most spectacular hotels in the world.

Charlotte Loughlin

Having spent almost a year backpacking my way around Asia, I am convinced the continent has it all for an unforgettable holiday. Whether its discovering the lively town of Siem Reap and the lost temples of Angkor, sipping on cocktails in Singapore or discovering the untouched beaches of Malaysia, Asia is full of surprises at every turn. It promises world class beaches, incredible wildlife, fascinating history and amazing culture, so whatever you're looking for, you are sure not to be disappointed in Asia.

Charlotte Winter

As soon as I graduated from university, I couldn’t get on the plane to New Zealand quick enough. I had always been enticed by the beautiful scenery, delicious food and wine, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and it’s safe to say, the country didn’t let me down. Highlights for me include hikes through the Abel Tasman National Park, helicopter rides to Milford Sound, and scenic boat trips in the beautiful Bay of Islands. [If you’re a keen adventurer and a fan of the great outdoors, then New Zealand is for you. Similarly, Australia offers something for everyone, from the famous Sydney Harbour to the Great Barrier Reef, and the dusty Outback to the extensive wineries in South Australia.

Diming Wu

Born and raised in China, my passion for travel started when I was young. I am always amazed by the diverse landscape and culture - from the winding alleys in the ancient cities to the mountain and lakes, China has a lot to offer. Having spent my teenage years in Singapore, my wanderlust led me to explore South East Asia where it left me deeply mesmerised by the amazing scenery and welcoming people.

Ellen Fraser

Hailing from California, wanderlust has taken me far and wide, yet nowhere has captured my imagination more than Southeast Asia. From the first time I visited, I was hooked. From sampling delicious food in Thailand and exploring the limestone karsts of Halong Bay to discovering Cambodia's lesser known temples and venturing into the Laotian countryside, Asia has it all for the ultimate adventure.

Isabella Leung

In my opinion it doesn't get much better than the Far East. Growing up I was lucky enough to travel the region with my mother which is how my interest in travel developed. Now i'm making it my mission to visit every single country in the Far East.

Jack Mace

Having travelled the world over, I've fallen for Asia like no other place. The food, the people, the cultures, the temples, the adventure....I love it all.

Kirsty Cowie

My favorite part of traveling is the initial moment when you arrive somewhere new. Exploring the unfamiliar sights, smells, and faces is the adrenaline rush I’ve been chasing since I was young. I've been hiking in Fiji, learned the art of calligraphy in Japan and ate the freshest seafood in Indonesia, and there are still so many more places I want to explore.

Liyana Yusoff

Born and raised in Singapore, I was blessed with an ideal base to travel around the world which I am very passionate about. For me travelling is a way to learn and experience life through different cultures while pushing myself to step outside my comfort zone. South East Asia has always been my favourite with its combination of mountainous areas, lush greenies and food to absolutely die for!

Louise Canton

After exploring Asia for three months, I fell hook line and sinker for this incredible continent, in particular Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. The warmth of the people, the glorious landscapes, the fascinating culture, it's hard not to love it. For passionate photographers like myself, it's a dream come true. My latest travels have taken me back to Vietnam and Cambodia, including Song Saa private island, to uncover even more thrilling experiences for my guests.

Arthur Pope

My wanderlust started early, and it only grew as I did. I've spend much of my adult life traveling. I've lived and worked across Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. Throughout all of my travels, nowhere has quite caught my attention like Asia. from swimming in the crystalline waters of Koh Samui, and bathing baby elephants in Thailand to watching the sunrise across Angkor Wat, this region has given me endless amazing experiences. I'm thrilled to get to share them all with my guests!.

Maddie Lukes

I spent most of my time at university working and saving, waiting until I could finally go away travelling. When that day finally came, I got thoroughly overexcited and my planned six-month jaunt turned into me travelling and working abroad for just over two years! I started my adventure in South East Asia, and ever since I’ve had a soft spot for the magic and wonder of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

Nicola Hatfield

Beautiful beaches, delectable cuisine and rich history are just some factors which continuously draw me back to Asia. The variety Thailand has to offer, means there really is something for everyone. The varying cuisine from North to South, island-hopping boat trips, unforgettable elephant experiences and the cacophony of sights and sounds in Bangkok blend to create a truly special country.

Sarah Rowan (née Baxter)

I take every opportunity to jump on a plane and go on an adventure. Each journey only furthers my appetite to see more of the world and working in travel provides the perfect opportunity to continue this goal and pass on my experiences and passion to others. Asia is a part of the world that captured me instantly and is somewhere that the more I see, the more I fall in love with. It has the most varied landscapes and cultures from the rice paddies in Bali, to the beaches of Vietnam. The food is the best in the world and the people are so engaging and passionate about their country, it always makes it hard to leave!

Tahir Taib

I’ve always been curious about places and people of the world. Asia remains close to my heart. With more than 38 UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Borobudur in Jogjakarta, Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, the serene Halong Bay in Vietnam and many more there’s just so much to discover.

Tuan Thi Ta

Born & bred in Vietnam, my very first exposure to travel was being a tour guide leading soft adventure groups for hiking in northern Vietnam and kayaking in Halong Bay. My first overseas trip was to Cambodia where I had spent my best 3 years working as a tour operator. My most enjoyable experience was cycling in the Angkor Archaeological Park sometimes after work!

Vicky Hogg

I've always had a strong passion for travel and joined Scott Dunn in 2010 as an Asia specialist. My love of the Far East started aged 13, when I visited a friend in Indonesia. I was mesmerised by the culture, which hugely differed from what I was accustomed to growing-up in London, and the diverse way of life instantly captured my imagination. Since, I have been lucky enough to explore the country further, as well as sampling some of the delights of China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand & Burma. The discoveries I have made and experiences I’ve had are once in a lifetime.

Victoria Reynolds

Living in Bali for three months led me to the conclusion that I wanted to dedicate myself to a career in travel, a huge passion of mine. I found the local culture mesmorising, and living in a homestay of a local family really enabled me to experience the Hinduism culture first hand.

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