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Our Europe specialists

Our dedicated Europe specialists all have an incredible wealth of knowledge and passion of the area. They have lived in and traveled extensively throughout the region and all spend many weeks each year visiting different parts to keep up to date with the best places to stay, eat and explore. Their first-hand knowledge means that they can create the perfect European vacation for our guests.

Anne Bamber

Europe has so many different countries to explore and is so easily accessible, both in travel time and for families or adventurous couples. It’s the perfect destination for me to sell, having always been a lover of languages and cultural nuances – I’m spoiled for choice with just one continent! I love the Italians – so unique and vivacious; the lifestyle in Spain with siestas and late night shopping; and Crete for its stunning color palette of turquoise seas, olive groves and whitewashed villas with bright blue shutters.

Ashling Mulkeirins

The best feeling for me is the night before a vacation when you can’t sleep because you're too excited counting down the last hours before you're off on a new adventure! Having traveled to so many beautiful and wonderful destinations across Europe I love the fact that I can create this feeling for my guests too!

Cammie Burke

I've been lucky enough to have sailed the Atlantic and travel and live all over Europe, my wanderlust having been ignited by my grandparents (blame them). If I had to choose a favorite part of my job I'd say it was seeking out those hidden gems and off-the-beaten track highlights, the stuff only locals know about, to wow my guests. It's so rewarding to hear them share their stories when they return from the journey of a lifetime and I'm excited about helping you plan a trip just for you.

Claire Medlock

I've always had a passion for languages and different cultures - and growing up I always wanted to emulate my Mum’s exotic sounding travels. A year at university in the south of France, as well as subsequent time spent working in Italy and the Pyrenees, left me convinced I had to find a career that would allow me to incorporate my love of travel in Europe. Some of my favorite experiences in Europe are the simplest – a candlelit dinner in a tiny Argentine restaurant in Lisbon, finding deserted beaches in Mallorca or simply enviously people-watching the uber-stylish Danes in Copenhagen.

Emma Jones

Although Europe is on our doorstep, traveling through its diverse landscapes and cities has really allowed me to surround myself with new environments and immerse myself in new ways of life. For me, Iceland is one of the most spectacular countries in the world – a real land of contrasts, crammed with a stunning mix of landscapes created by both fire and ice. It’s the perfect destination to visit if you like to feel inspired by nature. In total contrast, I love the countries of Southern Europe, Italy in particular, for its rich history and cultural heritage, and of course its delicious food and fantastic climate!

Faye Compton

I have always loved traveling, I was lucky enough to go on many family vacations to wonderful destinations from a very young age and the travel bug really embedded itself back then. Europe is such an amazing continent and great for all ages. I absolutely love Italy, with its stunning lakes and amazing history but a firm favorite of mine is Greece, it's hard to beat those crystal clear waters!

Gwen Nicol

The youngest of three, I've always had the desire to fully experience life and be on-the-go. After graduating from college, my wanderlust led me to a summer of backpacking through thirteen countries across Europe. I’m always thinking about what’s next. One of my recent vacations in Croatia was an all-time family favorite. We spent two weeks sailing around the spectacular, clear blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Eating fresh seafood and meeting Croatian families were some of my top highlights.

Hannah Ingle

The culture of Europe has always captured my imagination, from its incredible art to its rich history and magnificent architecture, there is so much to discover, and right on our doorstep. My highlights of Europe include catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights in Finland, exploring the palaces of Istanbul and galloping across the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. For me, Italy has it all. With its incredible cuisine, fascinating history and monumental buildings, I could simply never get bored there.

Jessica Hayes

My interest or more appropriately obsession with travel started as soon as I was old enough to hold an Atlas, I have been fortunate to have traveled many countries and cover every continent. However Europe remains a true passion for me, the people, the sights and the food! With my partner as a Chef food is something top of the list when traveling, be it local favorites or three star Michelin restaurants, Europe has it all for a foodie's vacation.

Katie Edwards

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by the allure of traveling and exploring other cultures. Although my childhood ambitions of becoming a pilot never quite materialised (dang those contact lenses…), I have been lucky enough to explore some amazing places throughout my career and independently. The incredible diversity of Europe has remained a constant passion. Italy, with its beautiful lakes, undulating cornfields, exquisite food and magnificent architecture is a particular favorite. Iceland and the Northern Lights are next on the wish-list!

Mike Harlow

Whilst backpacking my way around Europe after leaving school, I caught the travel bug and have traveled far and wide ever since. Working a ski season in Val d’Isere for Scott Dunn cemented my love for Europe, and since then I have spent time exploring all four corners of the continent, soaking up its incredible diversity, delicious cuisine and amazing culture. From the ski slopes of the Alps, to the fjord lands of Norway and the glittering Amalfi Coast, there is something for everyone to enjoy on European shores.

Milly Walker

I have always been a keen traveler and was lucky enough to go to some pretty impressive places while I was growing up. I think that because Europe is so close it is often overlooked as an amazing vacation destination with so many different options on offer. A city break to Rome or Barcelona can be a fantastic weekend away. An exhilarating trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights is incredible too. While for a relaxed beach vacation, there is the beauty of the Greek Island of Mykonos… what more could you want?!

Pippa Carey

Despite having traveled around the world, I truly believe you can't beat Europe. We are so lucky to have such a diverse and beautiful continent right on our doorstep! From indulging in the world famous wine and cheese of the south of France to the exploring the exquisite architecture of Andalucia, Europe is an incredible place and I am always planning my next adventure on the continent.

Serena Moore

I have always wanted to explore as many places as possible and love to travel off the beaten track. Growing up I was lucky enough to travel through Europe, spending time in Prague, Budapest, Italy, Greece and France to name a few. For me the most wonderful part of traveling is seeing all the wonders the world has to offer and no matter who many places you see, there is always more to explore!

Tracy Stevens

I grew up in Scotland, spent summers in Spain, went to school in Switzerland and haven’t stopped exploring since. After many years traveling Africa and planning custom safaris, it’s a real joy to return to my roots in Europe. I know about half of the continent’s 44 countries well and whether you’re a history buff, foodie, adventure junkie or culture vulture, want to see the Northern Lights, party in a private palazzo or eat the best croissant in Provence, I can help. Travel is the only thing we buy that makes us richer – let’s plan your next journey together.

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