Bella Collins

San Diego Office

The urge to see the world must run in my blood: my mum left home when she was 16 years old to travel the globe as a scuba diving teacher (she returned home 16 years later!). Growing up in England, we spent every other Christmas getting under the skin of remote countries from Thailand to Tanzania, Morocco, India and Guatemala, with summers spent exploring Europe.

Leaving school at 18, I followed in my mum’s footsteps and headed to Malawi and Zambia to volunteer for four months on a mobile library. Next, I went on a road trip along the length of New Zealand then took life easy in Fiji and Samoa. Since I joined Scott Dunn in 2013, the company has supported my world record-breaking row across the Atlantic, and opened my eyes to many more places to discover.

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Travel nuggets

  • Keep a journal and write down the names of people you meet. You might return one day and they’ll be super impressed when you remember their name!

  • Always carry a scarf. It will come in handy as a blanket/cushion on the plane, keep you warm on chilly evenings, and act as a cover-up in certain cultures.

  • Take a map of your destination and annotate it as you go along your journey, it’s a great way to visualize your route and remember places to return to. It could even make a fun piece of art for your wall back at home.

  • Traveling across time zones? Never compare the time to your original destination. The moment you get on the plane, change your watch and don’t look back!

My hot picks

Amandira, Komodo, Indonesia

A two-masted ship that explores the far-flung waters of Indonesia. Wake up each day to a new landscape, have adventures on the water, go on a trek or simply be pampered on board.

Canal Huis 58, Amsterdam, Netherlands

An18th century house in the heart of Amsterdam, my favorite European city, that comes with its own private canal boat.

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