Forget the Taj Mahal, today's traveler is keen to explore Kerala

Forget the Taj Mahal, today's traveller is keen to explore Kerala

Intrepid tourists are increasingly keen to explore the southern parts of India, with the state of Kerala at the top of many travelers' agendas.

That's according to the latest research carried out by the Indian Ministry of Tourism, with all the figures pointing towards mounting interest in the south, at the expense of the north.

Indeed, as the Times of India reports, the official study revealed that the number of both domestic and international tourists heading to the south of the country will grow by 91 per cent every five years over the next decade.

In comparison, the number of visitors heading to northern states is expected to grow by just 30 per cent over the next five years.

This is despite the fact that the north boasts the so-called 'Golden Triangle', a relatively compact area of attractions that include the world-famous Taj Mahal, the bustling metropolis of Delhi and historic Agra.

Notably, the figures also point to the state of Kerala as being one of the biggest winners in this ongoing shift in priorities as growing numbers of travelers are drawn to its numerous attractions, all of which can be enjoyed on the 'Essence of Kerala' tour.

Regional highlights include the historic town of Cochin, famed for its eye-catching architecture, narrow streets, laid-back tea houses and vibrant contemporary arts scene.

Kerala is also the perfect place for tourists to get a first-hand insight into India's tea industry, with tours of the plantations of the Windermere Estate giving guests the chance to see for themselves how the world's favorite drink is produced.

Meanwhile, for animal lovers, the south of India also boasts some of the finest flora and fauna anywhere in Asia, much of which enjoys the protection of large national parks.

For instance, the lush Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, situated right in Kerala's wild heart, is home to many species synonymous with India, including elephant, peacock and, of course, the beautiful and elusive tiger. 

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