Victoria Falls region to undergo improvements

Victoria Falls region to undergo improvements

It is hard to think of anywhere that is as naturally beautiful as the Victoria Falls and the waterfall is an absolute must-see for anybody taking a luxury vacation in Zambia.

The landmark is often referred to as the "greatest known curtain of falling water", as 546 million cubic meters of water fall over the edge into the gorge, which is 100m below.

Visitors can see the spray from the Falls from miles away and there are a number of fantastic vantage points that are perfect for photo opportunities, with the Knife Edge and Falls Bridges being particularly good places to stand and take in the Falls.

It has been announced this week (28th February) that the surrounding area will receive a major facelift ahead of the United Nations World Tourism Assembly General Assembly, which is to be held jointly by Zambia and Zimbabwe in 2013.

State media reports that the government has so far raised more than $200 million (£125 million) towards various new projects in the vicinity of Victoria Falls, which will include substantial upgrades to the local hospital and airport.

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