Amman's Al Balad Theatre is well worth a visit

Amman's Al Balad Theatre is well worth a visit

It is not difficult for people taking luxury vacations in Jordan to find plenty of culture to immerse themselves in when visiting Amman.

The city has a multitude of museums and galleries for travelers to scour and there is also a burgeoning theatre scene in the metropolis.

Arguably, one of the most interesting and dynamic places to visit for a stage show or a cultural exhibition is the Al Balad Theatre, which hosts a number of fascinating events throughout the year.

Converted from an old cinema built in the 1940s, the theatre is described as a multipurpose art and community space that gives creative local people an opportunity to express themselves.

It also provides the setting for the annual Hakaya Festival, which will go ahead in September 2012.

The primary purpose of this occasion is to promote storytelling as a central tool in learning, art and life and includes seminars, workshops, performances from storytellers and screenings of narrative films.

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