Amman is a 'modern and lively metropolis'

Amman is a 'modern and lively metropolis'

Amman has a proud and lengthy history of being one of the most prosperous regions in the entire Middle East.

Examples of the city's forward-thinking nature can be traced back as far as the Stone Age and it boasts one of the largest Neolithic settlements ever found in the region.

The conurbation was also a prominent part of the Roman Empire, which saw the whole city rebuilt, with impressively constructed baths, theatres and public buildings springing up all over the place.

People who take a luxury vacation in Jordan today can still see evidence of these eras, although Amman has now become a cosmopolitan, state-of-the-art city that is teeming with top class restaurants, hotels and museums.

One tourism representative stated that the evolution of Amman over the last 50 years or so has been remarkable.

"Over the ensuing decades the city has expanded and flourished to become a modern, lively, commercial metropolis of well over two million people," a spokesperson noted.

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