Packing for your vacation

Leave the essentials behind

Rather than take the kitchen sink with you when traveling with babies, tell us what you need and we’ll make sure it’s all there on arrival. We can pre-order essentials such as nappies and wipes for you, and we also have sterilizers, bed guards and travel cots. Your consultant will be able to let you know what’s available in our villas and resorts with Explorers Clubs.

Food, food, food

It’s a treat to arrive somewhere and find the fridge already full of all the essentials. Some of our resorts offer this service, so please check with us and we can help organize it. If you’re staying in one of our villas, have you let us know about any dietary requirements, special birthdays or anniversaries?

Getting there

Remember to check your baggage allowance – it’s easy to forget which airlines take how much. And never put anything valuable in the hold – anything you really wouldn’t want to lose should go in your hand luggage. To keep the “when are we there?” to a minimum, the journey to your resort or villa can be made a little smoother with some tactical packing. Magazines, word searches, coloring books, pens, sticker books, the latest movies and apps loaded onto your iPad, are essential. As your children get older, they can have all their travel essentials in a small back pack – so much easier than the pull along trunks when you just want to get through the airport as quickly as possible! We also suggest taking a sling if you’re traveling with a small baby – always useful when you don’t get your buggy immediately at the other end.


Having a supply of snacks, not just for the plane, but to last your entire stay, is always a good idea. Packets of raisins, breadsticks or dried fruit will keep spirits up, and means you won’t have to spend your vacation in the supermarket.

Bugs, scrapes and tears

Along with infant suspension, there is other useful medication to pack. Antiseptic cream, insect repellent, antihistamine, arnica cream and plasters are top of the list for our wash bags when traveling with children.

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