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Pool games

Fun games to make the most of the beautiful weather

It has been a week of glorious sunshine for most, so whether you are away on vacation or at home with access to a swimming pool, we have a few fun water games that should keep both adults and older children amused and encourage water confidence for the little ones.


This is a modified version of freeze tag. Define a playing area where everyone can stand with his or her head above water. One person is “it” and tries to tag the other players. If a player is tagged, he or she must stand frozen like a popsicle (with hands straight in the air) until another player thaws him or her by swimming between his or her legs. A player cannot be tagged whilst underwater. After a minute or two, have someone else be “it” and continue the game until everyone has had a chance to be on the offensive.

Marco Polo

This is a legendary pool party game. One person is chosen to be Marco. Everyone else is a Polo. Marco closes his or her eyes or is blindfolded. When Marco yells “Marco” everyone else has to yell “Polo”. Then Marco tries to tag someone in the water by listening to where they are. When Marco tags someone, that person becomes Marco. Marco can also yell “fish out of water” and everyone has to get out of the pool – the last one to get out of the pool is "it".

Beach Ball Bonanza

Another great pool game is Beach Ball Bonanza. Everyone is given a large beach ball to hold onto with their arms. The point of this game is to bump other players into touching the sides of the pool, but you cannot use your hands or feet to bump other players. If someone gets bumped into the wall, they must sit out of the game until the next round. The last person in the game wins.

Diving For Treasure

In Diving for Treasure, you must pick one person to be the “sea monster”. Throw fake gold coins into the swimming pool, then everyone must try to dive for the gold coins without getting tagged by the sea monster. If they get tagged, they must drop the coin back into the water and wait ten seconds before joining the game again. The coins that are collected can be set in different piles by the edge of the pool. When all of the coins have been collected, the player with the most coins wins!

Treasure Hunt

Throw a variety of large treasures into the pool, from coins and seashells, to beaded necklaces and gold-painted rocks. Be sure to "bury" some treasures in the shallow end for the little ones. Then give the youngsters a set time limit to see who can collect the most treasure. The game can be made easier for small children by providing swim goggles and fins.

True or False

The “racers” start in the middle of the pool, an equal distance away from either side. Racers will be swimming to the left or right (not forward or backward). The right side of the pool is the “true” side and the left side is the “false” side. The “announcer” must shout aloud a true or false statement and the racers must swim to which they think is the correct side of the pool, true or false. The racer who swam to the correct side first is the winner.

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