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Ideas for Children's Olympic Games

Our Scott Dunn Explorers is all about activity, adventure and fun. And this summer, whilst London hosts the 2012 Olympics, children in our Explorers clubs and villas will experience an active program devised by our expert childcare team. Here are just a few of their ideas which your children can easily play in the garden – although sometimes with a little adult supervision! Gold medals optional.

  • Get your children to design and build their own assault course – preferably outside.
  • Egg and spoon relays, blindfolded and hopping… why make it easy?
  • Crab football – the same rules, but played on hands and feet, with the players facing upwards.
  • Traffic lights - Red = stop. Amber = walk. Green = run. Shout out the color of the lights, and the children have to follow the instructions. Add in others, for example “roundabout” (run round in circles), “reverse”, “low bridge”…
  • Over-under race - a game for two teams where each team passes the ball over the head of the first player and through the legs of the second and so on. Get the first player to join the end of the line, and the winning team is the one with the first player back at the front first.
  • Wheelbarrow or three-legged races – simple but brilliant fun.
  • Stuck in the mud - similar to ‘tag’ but with a twist. Choose a player to be the ‘IT’, the player who is IT has to run after the other players and try and touch them. If they are touched, then that player has to freeze in place— they are now "stuck in the mud" and need to stand with their feet far enough apart for another player to crawl through their legs. If a player who is free crawls through the legs of a stuck player, that stuck player becomes free again (you can’t get caught when freeing a stuck player).
  • Leap Frog - the simplest way for two people to play leap frog is for one person to turn sideways to the other person, bend over, put their hands on their knees or legs and tuck their head in towards their chest, they are then a frog. The other person then has to run and leap over the frog, placing their hands on the frog’s back to help them over. This game can also be played in a larger group with a line of frogs to keep it going for longer.

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