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10 things to do with children on a rainy day

(or when it’s too hot to go outside in the midday sun)

Here are 10 great things to do with your little ones on a rainy day or if somewhere sunny, you may need these ideas for out-of-the-sun time.

  1. Let the children make the rules for the day and you have to stick to them! Make a list of the rules and don’t cheat.
  2. Learn a new card game. You can download numerous games onto your ipad, which should keep children and parents amused for hours.
  3. Make smoothies and freeze them for later - five a day.
  4. Play hide and seek or sardines.
  5. Make golf clubs out of rolled up newspapers, “holes” with masking tape, and roll a tennis ball round the 18 holes in the house.
  6. Put several objects on a tray, let the children study it for a few moments, remove one object and see who can tell what's missing.
  7. Make a comic strip with vacation photos and captions.
  8. Hide some treasure and give the children a map to find them - anything shiny often works a treat.
  9. Make tents inside using the furniture and some sheets – everybody loves a den.
  10. If you finally resort to the TV, make it a matinee and get your children to draw posters and make popcorn.

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