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“French children don’t throw food” is a story of parenthood in Paris from a New Yorker mother and a British father. Pamela Druckerman goes through the early years of motherhood watching her French contemporaries breeze through the experience with apparent ease. From the earliest days of getting their babies to sleep through the night to persuading their toddlers to sit patiently at the table waiting for their food and chatting to friends outside the playground while their children keep themselves amused, all the while looking slim, sexy and sophisticated, Druckerman recounts her experience of French mothers making parenting look easy. Combining her own sharp observational skills with advice and opinions from her French friends, child psychologists and other experts, this account of her children’s formative years will have you laughing out loud and groaning in sympathy while your husband or wife wonders what has got into you. More than just a story though, you’ll find moments of total epiphany – simple but brilliant ideas to bring up delightful children, as well as a few moments of dawning disappointment when you realise where you have been going wrong for years and how much more sleep you could have had! Whether your children are starting out in school or still in the womb, this is a great way to kill a few hours by the pool and might just transform your life.


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