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Whether you’re planning to stuff your beach bags with paperbacks, hardcovers or you’re figuring out how to prevent glare on your e-reader; it’s time to think about what you’re going to read this summer. Here’s our selection for some perfect poolside reading.

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PARIS IN LOVE by Eloisa James

In 2009 after the death of her mother and her own bout with breast cancer, Eloisa took a year sabbatical to Paris with her Italian-born husband Allesandro and her son and daughter. This book follows their immersion into all things Parisian and is a complete and utter joy to read. Eloisa lives Paris like a Parisian and her jaunts to museums, markets and fashion shops make for a juicy rich read. It’s also very humorous as she is self-deprecating and also has amusing material around her husband and children. Side trips to Italy complete this literary feast.

STEVE JOBS by Walter Isaacson

Anyone remember buying their first mac, back in the day? It’s incredible what changes Steve Jobs made to the electronic world. The book is everything it’s been said to be - a riveting look at a complicated man who was both a tyrant and a genius. It’s the kind of biography that will be read for years to come by those who want to explore this life-changing pioneer. Given Jobs’ micro-managing of everything, it’s amusing to read the only thing he really got involved in with the production of this book was the cover; he wanted to approve that after he did not like the early renderings. Look at the front, the back and the spine for a lasting literary design moment by this iconic hero.

THE INNOCENTS by Francesca Segal

The book opens with the newly engaged Adam and Rachel who have been together since they were sixteen; they are now 28 celebrating the summer vacations. By page two a new character has entered the scene, Rachel’s ravishing cousin Ellie, who lives in New York and has “a story” behind her. The contrast between Rachel and Ellie could not be more drastic. It’s the classic safe “good girl” and “the temptress.” Segal’s handling of the plot, the tension, the twists, the turns, makes THE INNOCENTS a real page turner. It’s also a wonderful education into Jewish traditions and culture and the glossary at the back fills in the blanks with deeper explanations on the terminology.

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