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Call yourself a skier?

Take five minutes with a cup of coffee to take our test. Award yourself a point for each one you have done, bonus points where applicable and see how you compare against some of our team….

1. Got fresh tracks. By this we mean laying down the very first track in virgin powder. We reckon you need to have made at least 10 turns without touching another track to claim it!
2. Lost a ski in deep powder. Take a bonus point if you never found it
3. Eaten too much cheese – fondue, raclette or tartiflette
4. Stayed in a tiny French apartment (which was advertised as being suitable for 4 more people than it would actually fit)
5. Worn fancy dress on a night out in resort
6. Crashed embarrassingly while showing off. Take a bonus point if you did this in front of a crowd
7. Had a tantrum on the slopes. Take a bonus points per item thrown
8. Tried snowboarding (or skiing if you are a snowboarder)
9. Had an embarrassing moment getting on or off a ski lift. Take a bonus point for being lifted off the ground
10. Danced on a table at après
11. Missed a whole day of skiing as a result of a hangover. Take a bonus point if you managed the 'après' ski though
12. Walked away from a crash you had no right to walk away from, it should have been a lot worse!
13. Tried snowshoeing or cross country skiing
14. Missed the last lift out of the wrong resort. Take a bonus point if you got stuck in a resort in the wrong country
15. Successfully fitted snow chains
16. Gone over a jump in the snow park. Take a bonus point if you landed facing a different direction
17. Worn a one piece ski suit. Take a bonus point if you still wear it
18. Skied all day, from first lifts to last lifts
19. Enjoyed a romance with a ski instructor. Take a bonus per instructor and another bonus point if you are still with them
20. Take off two points if you have ever tried snowblading

Helen McKenzie (Travel Consultant - Ski) – 15 out of 20 and 4 bonus points

Oliver Evans (Commercial Director) – 17 out of 20 and 4 bonus points

How did you score?

0-5 points You definitely need to lighten up, get out to the mountains more and have fun
5-10 points Not a bad start and you are doing something right
10-15 points Now we are getting serious. Ski hard, party hard and come home needing a vacation
15-20 points We can only admire your commitment (unless you happen to be an ex-seasonnaire – in which case “could do better” springs to mind)
20-25 points You are now a member of a very select group. Sitting at your desk with www.snow-forecast.com on your favorites must be killing you!
25-30 points Even most seasonnaires are left eating slush in your tracks by now
30+ points You are in the top one percent of the top one percent. We salute you!

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