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Check out postcard stands to find the best sights, then try to capture these iconic views from a diferent perspective. Put your travels into context with shots of international signs, names, menus - anything that identifies the region Aim to create a daily visual diary of your experience, both good & bad. Complement wider, scenic shots with close-ups of national dress, crafts & customs
Portrait, Brett's Tips Brett's Photography Tips Sense of Scale
Get off the beaten track - observe and capture real life

Include people in landscape or street scenes, to give a sense of scale, and link the picture to the culture you are experiencing
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We often remember vacations by the food. Take photographs of local dishes to evoke the taste
and smell of the food - a great talking point back at home
Introduce humor and emotion
into your work to add your own personality and capture the moment perfectly!
Pictures can look much better in black and white ... the first decision in photo-editing is black and white or color, the second is keep or delete?
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